Welcome to the Tiger’s Trail!

29 July 2015: On the International Tiger Day WWF Russia prepared a new gift for the tiger and for those who care for its future. A new “tiger” web resource now available online will help everyone to get acquainted with the Amur tiger, the only tiger species that learnt to survive in deep snows.

Visitors of the Tiger’s Trail are regularly updated with the latest news about the life of the animal and those who protect it. The site is rich with detailed information about the biology of the Amur tiger, interesting facts and figures. Interactive maps give an enlightening tour through a long and complicated history of tiger and human relationship during centuries and tell about the recent full range tiger survey in Russia in detail.

Those who enjoy exploring Tiger’s Trail can get a Tiger Passport and join the club, which already unites about two thousand “tigers” – Tiger Passport holders.

Visitors have a great chance to “hear” live tiger stories at first hand from people who dedicated their lives to saving tigers. Here are the blogs of WWF staff for your good read: a field diary of Pavel Fomenko, one of the Amur tiger census coordinator, and “fairy tales” from Svetlana Titova, a taiga expert.

Tiger’s Trail has a huge photo gallery and a cinema center.

And one more surprise! Each visitor is welcome to leave personal “track” on the tiger map! Join in and find out how to do it!

Happy International Tiger Day for everyone!