United Nations Climate Change Conference in Tianjin, China


4 October 2010 – The United Nations Climate ChangeConference in Tianjin started this morning with the opening remarks by His ExcellencyMr. Huang Xingguo, Mayor of Tianjin Municipal Government, His Excellency Mr.Dai Bingguo, State Councillor of the People’s Republic of China and Ms.Christiana Figueres, ExecutiveSecretary of the UNFCCC.

In the opening remarks, the dignitariesurged on the urgent need of the recognition of the climate change issue aroundthe world and the commitment to act together. They also mentioned about theChina’s interest and concern on growing climate change issues leading to thefirst climate change talk in Tianjin, China.

Ms. Christiania, Executive Secretary of theUNFCCC also urged the parties to act wisely by stating that it is now the only timeto rise to our challenge.

Prior to this meeting, the Climate ActionNetwork organized the two days of CAN strategy session and consultation onframing the Cancun Building Blocks.

The conference will end on 9 October 2010.

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