Training on First Aid and Treatment of Injured Cranes for Field Staff

Phobjikha 27th December 2010- During the last few years in Phobjikha, there has been several incidence of crane injury due to attack by predators in Phobjikha leading to crane deaths. This consistent incidences of crane attacks has been a cause of concern for RSPN and many other conservationists.  The best option in responding  to such situation is to treat the cranes at the site, but lack of knowledge at the field level has been a major constraint. Past experiences showed that moving cranes to Thimphu for treatment is a risk since it adds to the stress level of the cranes.

first-aid-training-2010To address the problem, RSPN in collaboration with Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre, for the first time organized a one day training on first aid treatment for injured cranes in Phobjikha. The participants included staff from Territorial Forest, Livestock, Health and RSPN field Staff of Phobjikha, Bumdiling Wildlife Sanctuary (the second major wintering habitat) and Khotokha.

The training focused on detecting injury or diseases of the cranes and handling methods during capture and medication. The trainees were also sensitized on different types of medicines for treatment, appropriate dosage of medicine for different kinds of injuries and proper way of cleaning wounds and so forth.

At the end of the training it was agreed that the concerned agency from each winter habitats will keep in stock the required medicines and closely collaborate with the livestock and Health officials during treatment of the injured cranes.