TOR for Program Manager/Administrator

I.               Position:                            Program Manager/ Administrator
Contract period:              3 years with possibility for extension (based on performance)
Probation period:            4 months
Reporting line:                 Executive Director
Duty station:                    Thimphu, Bhutan
Primary responsibility:    To develop and administer planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of RSPN programmes in accordance with the organization’s mandate


VII.                Key Duties and Responsibilities

1           Lead development and implementation of RSPN programme planning.
2           Prepare and facilitate signing of program grant agreements/ MOUs pertaining to both donors/ partners to RSPN and RSPN to partners/beneficiaries.
3           Coordinate development of RSPN’s Five Year Strategic Plans in collaboration with the Executive Director and other unit coordinators and staff
4           Develop action plans or implementation plans for RSPN within the framework of the strategic plan, in collaboration with the Executive Director and unit coordinators and staff.
5           Organize midterm and final reviews of the implementation of strategic plans
6           Develop RSPN’s fundraising plans in collaboration with the Executive Director, unit coordinators and staff and board
7         Develop, update and orient program staff to RSPN project cycle management including program procedures and reporting mechanisms
8         Ensure the development and implementation of annual unit targets and asses Program officer and unit coordinators on the achievements of the targets.
9         Prepare the annual RSPN calendar
10      Keep the Executive Director informed and updated on all programme matters.

Specific responsibilities

1.      Development/ Fundraising

1.1  Develop fundraising plan, prepare funding proposals and identify funding opportunities with partners and donors in collaboration with the Executive Director, unit coordinators and staff and board
1.2  Review, refine and compile proposals on a quarterly basis for approval; Align individual projects with the strategic plan, national, and international plans and policies.
1.3  Works with the unit coordinators and Executive Director to identify donors and present proposals.
1.4  Provides recommendations in negotiation of programme MOUs and agreements with donors and partners

2.       Reporting

2.1   Ensure project personnel meet donor / partner requirements for timely technical and financial reporting.
2.2   Ensure appropriate reporting format, quality, and content and timely delivery of reports to donors, partners and other stakeholders
2.3   Ensure hard and electronic copies of reports, documents, MOUs are archived.
2.4   Work with communication unit and unit coordinators to provide appropriate and up to date information and contribute to RSPN regular publications.
2.5   Prepare programme reports to the board

3.      Monitoring and evaluation

3.1   Develop and update monitoring and evaluation system for RSPN
3.2   Ensure every project/ programme has its monitoring, expenditure and evaluation plan
3.3   Monitor project/ programme outputs and outcomes
3.4   Ensure M & E for quality and timely implementation of RSPN projects/ programmes
3.5   Conduct regular meetings to assess performances of program units

4.      Capacity building of unit heads and project staff

4.1   Conduct annual performance appraisal and training needs assessment of program staff.
4.2   Develop and recommend annual training/capacity-building plan based on programmatic priorities.
4.3   Facilitate program coordinators and project team leaders in Project Cycle Management,  project proposal writing and project report writing


5.      Networking and Partnership Building

5.1   Establish, develop and maintain a network of contacts and good working relations with stakeholders, donors and important government partners including relevant Ministries and related line agencies
5.2   Organize and facilitate stakeholder meetings in collaboration with relevant programmes
5.3   Foster program partnerships and collaborations with relevant agencies

6.      Administration and management

6.1   Work closely with Administration and Finance Unit on matters related to administration and finance such as budgets, development and revision of MOU and agreements with partners and beneficiaries of RSPN.
6.2   Represent the Program Division on RSPN Management Team
6.3   Participate in RSPN tender committees
6.4   Ensure compliance of programme/ projects to agreements, MOUs and regulations
6.5   Conduct review and annual assessment of the performance of Program officer and coordinators and apprise recommendations to the RSPN Management.
6.6   Endorse timesheets claims for researchers and part time professionals.
6.7   Support unit coordinators and Executive Director in recruitment of program staff
6.8     Verify bills, receipts, vouchers etc related to field expenses.

7.      Perform other duties as may be required

VIII    Knowledge and experience

          Holds a Masters Degree (or equivalent education) preferably in the fields of conservation, wildlife, forest, natural resource management and other relevant social sciences.
          Has at least 10 years experience managing conservation programmes. He/she has extensive experience managing programmes funded by a diversity of sources including: governments and aid agencies, private sector donors and individual benefactors.
          Has strong leadership quality with ability to garner team work conflict management
          Has analytical, good writing and essential computer skills.
          Demonstrated fundraising, negotiation and conflict management skills. 

Key performance indicators:

1.      A five year Strategic Plan that fits the RSPN’s mission
2.      Action plans that meet the objectives and framework of the strategic plan
3.      Fundraising plans
Annual indicators:
4.      An Annual target and (balanced) budget for program unit
5.      Number of project concepts and proposals developed.
6.      Number of projects and amount of funding secured during the year
7.      New partnerships and collaborations
8.      Minutes of Program meetings


1.      Application for the vacant post
2.      Curriculum Vitae
3.     No Objection Certificate from the parent organization if employed.
4.      Valid Security Clearance Certificate
5.      Citizenship Identity card
6.      Academic Transcripts, original transcripts to be produced during interview.
7.      Medical certificate
8.      Any other relevant documents