The Thirteenth edition of RSPN’s annual review-2018

The Thirteenth edition of RSPN’s annual review meeting at Gelephu and Jigmechhu (December 29 – January 6) was a perfect time to reflect on the achievements of the past year and plan for 2019.

Project Officers presenting the progress of their task
Field visit to the Regional Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center and exploring areas of cooperation.

New year’s eve dinner with stakeholders and RSPN’s regional Ambassador (Gelephu).

A cleaning campaign was conducted at Lhamoizingkha with participation from the local community, officials from different offices and RSPN staff. Dasho Dungpa in his opening remark stressed the importance of every individual to take responsibility for managing their own waste before it becomes a problem. Dasho also added that Lhamoizingkha is relatively clean due to the monthly cleanings but the absence of a proper landfill is a problem.  Dr Kinley Tenzin (RSPN Executive Director) acknowledged the problem and said that RSPN would explore ways to help improve waste management in the future. Dr Kinley also highlighted on the significance of Lhamoizingkha as prime habitat for White-bellied Heron, a critically endangered species of bird.

RSPN Staff cleans Lhamaizinkha town
Locals of Lhamaizingkha cleans the street
Waste dumping place

Handing over the 5 toilet equipment(try to get the accurate name) to the locals of Bayul Kunza as a pilot program. RSPN would like to thank Bhutan Toilet Organizations who donated the toilets and trained the RSPN staff.

RSPN Research team led the team for birding during the camping at Jigmechu

Birding on bank of river Wangchu