The First Conservation Film Festival

Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN) is organizing National Conservation Film Festival at the Clock Tower Square, Thimphu from 24-25 October 2015 starting at 5:00PM.

The purpose of the film show is to raise public awareness and at the same time to inspire personal responsibility among our people in the conservation of the kingdom’s natural environment.

The festival includes the launch of newly produced documentary film on Black-necked Cranes by ARD German TV titled “Bhutan – Birds of Heaven”, directed by Christian Herrmann and Udo A. Zimmermann.

The RSPN and the conservation partners of Bhutan would like to dedicate the film festival to the 60th birth anniversary of His Majesty the Fourth King of Bhutan, to show our gratitude for his leadership and contributions to the conservation of our natural heritage. The program was funded by WWF Bhutan Program Office.

All are cordially invited for the event.

 “Bhutan – Birds of Heaven”