Terms of Reference for Office Assistant / Helper

Designation: Office Assistant/Helper

Reporting Line: Adm./Human Resource Officer and Executive Director

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Attend to incoming telephone calls and direct these calls to the appropriate person with due courtesy and manner.
  • Assist in making outgoing calls when requested by other employees within the organization
  • Provide information when requested by a outside caller
  • Monitor the use of telephone for official or private purposes
  • Respond to any defect of the operating system and ensure timely rectifications.
  • Facilitate telephone connections to all employees within an organization
  • Maintain call register and record basic for facilitating verification of calls for payment purpose.
  • Update extension numbers of the employees and maintain telephone numbers of those employees and organization, who are reasonably important by virtue of their position and functions.

Assist the office works during the office hours:

  • Provide tea/ coffee or refreshments for guests/ visitors to the Executive Director’s office as appropriate.
  • Perform general office administrative duties as required, including: photocopying, distribute faxes received to staff members, and etc. Distribute office correspondence from reception to every staff members
  • Carry out any other tasks assigned