Souvenir Development Training in Haa

Community-based Sustainable Tourism Project (CBST) team conducted souvenir (edible/consumable) development training in Haa from 22-26 April, 2017. This three day was technically supported by Prema Co., Japan. The training was provided to build the capacity of the local community to develop locally made souvenirs from Haa. The primary focus on edible/consumable souvenirs is because there is high demand, especially from international tourists craving to take back home such local products and the other reason being, limited varieties of authentic local souvenir products (edible/ consumable) available in Bhutan.

17 local community people from Bjee, Kartsho and Eusu Gewog participated in three days training to learn how to make buckwheat cookies and consumable souvenirs, out of Artemisia. Moreover, they also learnt about the basic concept on product packaging & labelling and product sales & marketing.