Social Forestry observed in Buli Central School

Social Forestry Day on June 2nd, 2016 was observed in Buli Central School in collaboration with RSPN’s Buli Field Office. The day coincides with the Coronation day of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo.

The students and staff of Buli Central School and local stakeholder and few farmers of Buli village participated in the event.
The theme for Social Forestry Day 2016, was ‘Plant and Nurture Trees for a Green and Healthy Environment’. It was commemorated with plantation of more than 200 saplings in the barren area of school and also inauguration of Gyalsey Gene Park which was clubbed together for the day’s event.

Gyalsey Gene Park was an initiative of Buli Central School and it also is an initiative of every school across the country to initiate such idea as a tribute to birth of His Royal Higness the Gyalsey. The area covering 1 acre of land was designated as Gene Park for preserving diversity of plant species and orchid species for which Buli forest is known for. The students also planted diverse plant species in the park. The walking trails were also developed. In future the collaboration work further intends to establish well-furnished Gene Park in the school.

It is also an ideal place where students come to study during leisure time and an educational site for students and visitors.

Reported by: Narayan Ghalley (Project Officer, RSPN) and Phub Tshering (Nature Club Coordinator, Buli Central School)