Seminar by Specialist

Seminar by Dr. Yuji Okahisa, a Japenese Crested Ibis Reintroduction Program specialist. Dr. Yuji was invited by RSPN to share their 40 years of experience in conservation breeding and recovery of Crested Ibis population from extinction. It is an advanced example of successful conservation breeding and population recovery of critically endangered species in the world today. The population of Japanese Crested Ibis was recovery through captive breeding of the last 7 birds which were introduced from China to more than 400 birds in the wilds today.
Prof. Satoshi Shimano from Hosei University and Dr. Shimpei Hiruta from the National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo are also helping RSPN to assess the genetic diversity of the White-bellied Heron and health of critical wetland habitats.
As we prepare to initiate the conservation breeding of the critically endangered White-bellied Heron in Bhutan, we look forward to learn from their experiences and success stories and collaborate to recover the population of the White-bellied Heron.