RSPN’s international partner, Norlha visits Bhutan

Dr Joep Slaats, Head of Operations, Norlha – an international Non-Governmental Organisation based in Lausanne, Switzerland visited RSPN and project sites in Wamrong in Tashigang from 19th May to 2ndJune. The objective of the visit was to understand RSPN’s model of project implementation at the ground level and to see the progress of the project in the project sites and its benefits to the communities.

Since October 2013 Norlha has been funding a project on sustainable agriculture in Lumang Gewog (Wamrong Dungkhag), and Kangpara Gewog (Thrimshing Dungkhag) both situated in Trashigang Dzongkhag. It aims to promote organic agriculture and sustainable land management by rural communities in these Gewogs through capacity enhancement of farmers and supporting them in the application of appropriate agricultural practices and measures to control soil erosion.

In the context of this project and with a view for expanding the collaboration with RSPN, Dr. Joep met with senior official and discussed future prospective to partner in such endeavours. His field visits allowed assessment of current project achievements, plan further project activities and explore opportunities for joint collaboration between RSPN and Norlha. Dr. Joep and Dr. Kinley Tenzin, Executive Director of RSPN described the visit as “fruitful” and acknowledged the role of national and international NGOs to support environmental conservation and the livelihoods of the communities in the Himalayas.

Norlha aims at social development and is non-profit based, refrains from any political affiliation and orientation and does not adhere any religious engagement. Norlha supports remote and poor communities in the Himalayas to improve their lives in terms of food security, additional income, sound environment and gender equality. Projects currently supported by Norlha are carried out in Nepal, Tibet/China and Bhutan.

Reported by Tshering Phuntsho