RSPN’s Annual Review Meeting – 2016

RSPN’s Annual Review Meeting – 2016

p1940839The twelfth edition of RSPN’s annual retreat marked a perfect end to an eventful year. The annual review meeting was held at Jigmechu, a small village located beside the confluence of the Wang Chhu and Jigme Chhu in Chukkha.


Day excursion to Baikunza










Day excursion to Baikunza, a name loosely derived from the word Baeyul Kunza meaning hidden land of prosperity. The RSPN team carried out a cleaning campaign along the three hour route. According to legends, in ancient times if a person wandered into the hidden village, he/she was never allowed to leave.


Annual Review Meeting










The annual review meeting was conducted in a bamboo hut. The cool river breeze flowing in kept everyone fresh, making the meeting more interactive.


Oyster lake


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The RSPN team also visited the sacred Lake at Khurul. Also known as an Oyster lake, it is supposedly the only place in Bhutan whereby Oysters can be found.



Trip to Lhamoyzingkha, a quaint little town close to the Indian border.

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Camp Site


Camping amidst the bounty of nature at Jigmechu, a perfect getaway.


Bird Haven

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Jigmechhu is a safe haven for a wide variety of birds, a visual treat for bird enthusiasts.