RSPN welcome new Chairperson and Board Director

RSPN welcome new Chairperson and Board Director

Dasho Karma Tshering

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our out-going Chairperson, Honorable Dasho Karma Tshering, Secretary to the Ministry of Education for his guidance and benevolent leadership and bringing a positive impact in RSPN conservation ventures.

At the same time, we would also like to thank our out-going Board Director, Dasho Tashi, Auditor General, Royal Audit Authority, for consistently guiding RSPN.Our thoughts and prayers are with both of you in your future endeavor.We are happy to welcome Dasho Phub Dorji, CEO for Bhutan Development Bank Limited as new Chairperson of the RSPN board. We are confident that new chairperson shall coherently lead RSPN from strength to strength with his vast leadership experiences. 

We would also like to extend our welcome to Dasho Nim Tshering and Mr. Karma Galay as new RSPN Board Directors. Dasho Nim Tshering currently serves as the Deputy Chamberlain and also primarily heads the Queen’s Project Office. While, Mr. Karma Galay serves as the Director General for Department of School Education, Ministry of Education.

phub dorji
Dasho Phub Dorji
Mr. Karma Galay
Dasho Nim Tshering