RSPN, now a BirdLife Partner

RSPN Bhutan became the 122nd Partner organization of BirdLife International, the world’s largest conservation Partnership. The approval as a full BirdLife partner was announced after the Global Council of BirdLife International meeting held on November 19 in Sri Lanka.

“The BirdLife Asia Partnership is excited to work closely with RSPN for nature and people across Asia.” said Prof Sarath Kotagama, Chair of BirdLife Asia Council.

“[The Bhutanese people’s] natural way of living with their environment actually contributes to conservation, however that doesn’t mean there are no threats to wildlife; that’s why BirdLife needs a Partner there” adds Dr. Hazell Thompson, Director of Partnership & Regions at BirdLife International. “Welcome and well done to Bhutan.”

BirdLife International is the World’s Oldest International Conservation Organization  and has more than 10 million members and supporters. It is widely recognized as the world leader in bird conservation with current work spread over nine global programs; Climate Change, Forests of Hope, Sites and Habitats (IBAs), Invasive Alien Species, Local Engagement and Empowerment, Marine, Migratory Birds, Preventing Extinctions, and Capacity Development.

The BirdLife partnership has 6 Regional BirdLife Coordination Offices throughout the world and a Global Office in Cambridge, UK – together known as “The BirdLife International Secretariat”. The Secretariat co-ordinate and facilitate the BirdLife International strategies, programs and policies.

BirdLife works with one partner per country and it is a great achievement for RSPN to be enrolled as the newest partner. The partnership has ushered RSPN in a global Partnership of national conservation organizations.  “It was indeed a great joy for RSPN to finally become member of the BirdLife International”, said Dr Kinley Tenzin, Executive Director of RSPN. “There is much more we need to do and now I am sure RSPN is in safe hands. Time has called on all of us to come together and work together for a greater cause.”