RSPN members gear up for newer challenges

The RSPN membership program was instituted in the late eighties to provide support to its mission to inspire personal responsibility among the Bhutanese society in environmental conservation. Over the years, it has played a crucial role in advocating important environmental issues through various means like cleaning campaigns, environmental education through nature clubs, advocacy etc. The membership program also provided material benefits hiring of camping equipments, binoculars, etc and use of office library. The members were also informed on environmental issues through various outlets like newsletters, emails. However the lack of effective member activities, human resources and material benefits has undermined the membership program. There is an urgent need for the organization to develop a new strategy and make it a value oriented one. It has also become important for the organization to prepare itself and project its role in the face of the political changes in the country. Through its membership program, RSPN intends to act as an environmental watchdog and provide platform for committed individuals and organizations to form a cohesive environmental voice. Therefore to achieve this objective, RSPN conducted its first ever member meeting in April.

During the meeting, the members brainstormed over how to make the membership more appealing and successful. The members mentioned that RSPN’s conservation efforts are commendable however it has been poorly represented in media for general public to be aware of it. They recommended coming up with a publicity plan and recruiting a separate staff who would be totally involved with the membership program. This will also facilitate fundraising program for the society.

The meeting concluded with members expressing the need to immediately engage themselves. They decide to promote member-find member appeal wherein each member will recruit three new members and so on.