Refresher Training on Sustainable agriculture

A Group leader presents a group work during the workshop

A Group leader presents a group work during the workshop

A total of 39 pilot farmers and few non-pilot farmers from Wamrong and Kangpara in Trashigang participated in the refresher training on sustainable agriculture from 2nd to 3rd week of June 2015. The training focused on the three main project components: (1) Slope management ,(2) organic farming and (3) livestock management.

It included participatory approach as its tools to encourage farmers learn and adopt these techniques in their farmlands.

The project introduced the farmers to techniques and methods such as:

  • Napier hedgerow development
  • Vermin-composting
  • Preparation of Bio-pesticides
  • Slope management through stone bunding
  • Awareness on zoonotic diseases
  • Livestock housing
  • Feed and fodder management

It was the result of the findings from the recent need assessment carried out with the pilot farmers.

It was conducted in collaboration with the respective Gewog RNR-extension officers and Gewog administration representatives.

During the refresher training, a session reserved for the review of the activities carried by the community and most of the farmers have adopted the techniques that were introduced to them by the project in the first phase with technical guidance from our partner implementing organizations like the National Soil Service Center, National Organic Programme and the Department of Livestock.

RSPN, with financial support from Norlha, a Swiss-based NGO, has plans to upscale the project to second and third year whereby increasing the number of beneficiaries.

Reported by Tashi Dawa, Project Officer, Wamrong