Program for 12th Black-necked Crane Festival, 2010

Date: 11th November 2010
Gangtey Goenpa
Organized by:
Phobjikha Environment Management Committee (PEMC)

09:30 A.M.      Arrival of guests
09:45 A.M.      Reception of Chief guest
10:00 A.M.      Marchang Ceremony
10:15 A.M.      Opening speech by the PEMC Chairman
10:30 A.M.      Speech by the Chief Guest
10:45 A.M.      Cultural Programme
01:00 P.M.      Lunch
02:00 P.M.      Cultural Program
05:00 P.M.      Preview of Documentary on Phobjikha Conservation Area, an Ecological Refuge

Programme Item List

  1. Welcome Dance – Gangtey Geog
  2. Rigsar dance "Nga gi chey lu gaadi" – Phobjikha Primary School
  3. Mask Dance "Sha Tsam"  – Gangtey Monastery
  4. Black-Necked Crane Dance – Bayta Community Primary School
  5. Boedra Dance  "Gongsar Eylay Choe Nangda"– Gangtey Geog
  6. Rigsar dance "Janam Janam ko mayale" – Phobjikha Primary School
  7. Lungba Chong Chong – Gyelyong Gaki Penzom – Kunzachholing Monastic Institution
  8. Mask Dance "Pa Chham (The dance of the Heroes)"  – Gangtey Monastery
  9. Rigsar dance "Hingi Meto" – Bayta Community Primary School
  10. Thrung Thrung Karme Luje – Gangtey Geog
  11. Drama on Environment and Religion – Kunzachholing Monastic Institution
  12. Rigsar dance "Songyala" – Phobjikha Primary School
  13. Mask Dance "Nga ging" – Gangtey Monastery
  14. Rigsar dance "Clean Bhutan" – Bayta Community Primary School
  15. Zhungdra Dance "Nayla Zang" – Gangtey Geog
  16. Black-Necked Crane Dance – Bayta Community Primary School
  17. Mask Dances from "Nga Chham" – Gangtey Geog
  18. Boedra Dance " Sala Meyju" – Gangtey Geog
  19. "Sambala Mitshu" Phobjikha Environment Management Committee
  20. "Gesar Gyap" Phobjikha Environment Management Committee
  21. Tashi Lebay