Monitoring report on CDH and RSHAP

The monitoring of Community Development for Health (CDH) and Rural Sanitation and Hygiene Porgramme (RSAHP) Activities in two Geowgs of Phuntshopelri and Yoeseltse in Samtse was initiated from 16th to 22ndJune 2015. It was undertaken as per project plan and in consultation with Programme and Development Division and Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods program of RSPN.

The objectives of the field visit to project areas are:

  • To monitor the successful completion of CDH workshops and construction of sanitation facilities (toilets and waste dumping pits) by individual households who did not have the facilities;
  • To meet and inform Dzongkhag, health and Gewog officials on successful completion of CDH workshop; and
  • To settle accounts of CDH workshops expenses with Health Assistants of two project areas.

It was observed that all the cluster-workshops on CDH have been successfully completed and communities were made aware of the sanitation facilities need. It, however, noticed that most of the households have pour flush toilets but were mostly improvised with cement mortar pans. Most of the toilets in both Gewogs are very old and needs up-gradation to cement pour flush latrines.

Few of the resettled communities in the Yoeseltse Gewogs were still using the pit latrines and were waiting for the new house constructions to be complete. They were informed benefits of having new upgraded facilities at the earliest possible.

Many of the households have dug pits for the toilets and few of the households have completed the construction of the toilets. The community informed that construction works will be taken up after the monsoon.

As a part of monitoring, the team also met with Gewog officials, District Health Officer and Health Assistants of two Gewogs and thanked them for their joint efforts in making the CDH workshops successful. They were also briefed on their inputs on follow-up for the construction of sanitation facilities for the timely completion. The Executive Engineer of PHED, Ministry of Health, Mr. Tshering Tashi and WASH Project Officer of RSPN, Mr. Tsheten Dorji was involved in the monitoring activity.

Table 1: No. of participants who attended the CDH workshops

Gewogs No. of Female Participants covered No. of Male Participants covered Total Participants covered

Targeted Participants

No of Participants not covered
Phuntshopelri 288 230 518 539 22
Yoeseltse 235 161 396 490 94

Table 2: Village Sanitation map details

Gewogs Toilet Description No. of Households Owns



PF inside/ attached to house 20
PF outside the house 106
PF cemented 101
PF bucket/ tin sheet 144
Basic pit 193
OD (Open Defecation) 118
PF inside/ attached to house 15



PF outside the house 161
PF cemented 66
PF bucket/ tin sheet 24
Basic pit 69
OD (Open Defecation) 61

Reported by: Tsheten Dorji,WASH Project Officer