Meeting between Green Climate Fund and RSPN

Meeting between Green Climate and RSPN

IA meeting between the officials of RSPN Bhutan and Green Climate Fund Secretariat was held at the sideline of #COP28UAE event in Dubai. The officials from both sides updated the developments in the respective organization and delved to seek more future engagement and collaboration on the climate front.

With the RSPN’s enriched experiences in project coordination and implementation, strong safeguard systems established, and a wealth of human resource capacity guided by the organisation’s charter, GCF has identified RSPN as a Delivery Partner for the implementation of Readiness grant.

The representatives from RSPN acknowledged the support received from National Designated Authority (NDA) and GCF Secretariat during the entire process of conducting the Financial Management Capacity Assessment and other fiduciary responsibilities.

As a Delivery Partner to GCF, RSPN through the support of NDA has also secured Readiness grant for the country and will be implementing climate projects from next year.

Meeting Green Climate and RSPN at COP28UAE event in Dubai