Mass Handwashing Station installed at Yoseltse MSS in Samtse

To commemoreate the Global Hand Washing Day, a Mass Handwashing Station was installed and handed over to YMSS on 15th October, 2015.  The station will be managed and operated by the school henceforth.

This was also the first ever mass handwashing station, designed by Public Health Engineering Division of the Ministry of Health and fabricated and installed by Bumthang Chumey Technical Training Institute. It was financially supported by RSPN’s WASH Project.

The installation of mass handwashing station will assure in promoting as follows:

  • Easy access to handwashing as a result of no need of queuing for handwashing;
  • Students can save time and have their hands washed within the recess time;
  • It promotes handwashing among children as it is fun washing hands in group; and
  • Saves space and money for school as it can cater to large number of students at same place.

446-students_washing_handsThe observation of the Global Hand Washing Day could reach to more than 1000 people, advocating for safe handwashing with soap and the need for improving sanitation and hygiene. The national broadcaster BBSC covered the event at the school.

RSPN would like to thank PHED-MoH, CSHP-MoE, Education Sector of Samtse Dzongkhag, Yoeseltse School Management, Yoeseltse Gewog Administration, Yoeseltse-BHU, Yoeseltse-Dratsang, SNV-Bhutan Office, LNW Consultancy and all individuals who contributed in making the event successful.

Reported by: Tsheten Dorji, Project Officer, WASH