Launched two children’s book

The Chairperson, board of directors, and staff of the Royal Society for Protection of Nature joins the nation in celebrating the joyous occasion of Her Majesty’s 30th Birth Anniversary.

To commemorate this auspicious occasion, RSPN is profoundly honoured to launch two children’s book; “Sonam, the White-bellied Heron” and “Where to go, la?”.

The book, ‘Where to go, la?’ is an illustrative fiction about the Black-necked Crane (BNC) and its journey from their summer habitat to wintering habitats in Bhutan.

‘Sonam, the White-bellied Heron’ is also a fictional tale which is presented as a conversation between a juvenile White-bellied Heron, Sonam, and a River Lapwing, Tshewang.

With simple sketches and narratives, these books aim to educate children and inspire young minds in conservation. Furthermore, these books represent our continued commitment to the conservation of these two flagship species.