Inviting Applications for new Registration of LCSG


Landslides, flash floods, the drying up of drinking water sources, inadequate water for irrigation, human wildlife conflicts, depletion of local natural resources, polluted rivers and land, an environmentally illiterate population and many more are the challenges we face in Bhutan.

Various agencies in the government and non-governmental organizations have been working together to conserve the pristine natural environment, enhance peoples’ livelihoods, and educate the citizen. We need to do more so that our rich forests, clean rivers, and diverse wildlife species will be protected while we continue to sustain local livelihoods.

The LCSG is a self-motivated platform where individuals from any place can come together to raise their concerns, discuss and debate any local environmental issue, share knowledge and skills, and develop local action plans to address important local environmental issues.

With the objective of inspiring personal responsibility for the conservation of Bhutan’s natural environment, the Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN) has successfully established Local Conservation Support Groups (LCSG) in Trashigang, Lhuntse, Bumthang, Zhemgang, Sarpang and Punakha. Over the past few years, these groups have all identified their priorities for local environmental challenges and everyone has implemented effective projects to address them.

Bhutan needs many more of such groups and RSPN strives to expand its network of LCSG’s on a consistent, gradual basis. This is an ideal opportunity for your LCSG to be created in Paro, Thimphu and Phuntsholing. RSPN would like to extend an invitation to any interested individuals in these communities who have a genuine concern for the environment. All you need to do is register now, and we will join hands to work for conservation of our environment.

Let’s commit to bringing positive and lasting change in our local environment, whether it be in solid waste reduction, starting a recycling program, preventing water pollution, or just planting trees. The options are unlimited, and RSPN will look forward to collaborate with your LCSG. Remember, the future of Bhutan’s environment is in your hands.

For any queries and questions, please contact Ugyen Lhendup at 17603885
Please apply online by filling THIS FORM.