Five CFs handed over to the communities of Gangtey Geog

Certificates being handed over to the Community leadersWith the additional approval of five more Community Forests (CFs), a total of seven CFs have been established and handed over to the community of Gangtey geog (block). The local communities of respective regions in the Geog will manage and operate the CFs.

The objective of the establishment of a community forests is to engage community participation in the sustainable use of forest resources and ultimately improve the livelihood of the community.

The five additional CFs newly established in the Geog are Gela Chithuen, Pel Tokha Delek, Mole Thangka, Aeko-sangtena, and Dunshing-pokto. These establishements were funded by the MacArthur Foundationt under the sustainable natural resource management project, RSPN.

Community members at the function

A total of 151 households will be benefited by the establishment of the five community forests.