First White-bellied heron chick hatched in captivity: 13 days old

12-day old White-bellied heron chick (Photo: RSPN)

Update 19 May 2011 – The first White-belleid heron hatched in captive on May 2011 is 13-days old today. Today at 13 days old, it weighed 265.3 grams.

The officials at the hatchery site say they feed only three times a day. It takes whole fish, which is 6-7cm long.

“His coordination is improving each day and his face and eyes look much more heron like – very focused!”, said the experts who are presently monitoring the chick at the site in Punatsangchu basin.

“His pin feathers are starting to replace the down on his neck, shoulders and back, and we have observed him preening”.

The officials take it outside each morning for about 15 minutes of sun, and the chick spends the time looking around and vocalizing.

“We are very pleased with how well he is doing”, said the experts at the site.