Earth Day 2011 – A Billion Acts of Green

Earth Day 2011

This year’s Earth Day theme is Billion Acts of Green®. The purpose of this theme is to mobilize one billion acts of environmental service around the world. The campaign calls for people of all nationalities to commit to an act that helps reduce carbon emissions and promotes sustainability. The act can be a simple gesture, such as washing laundry in cold water, or immense, like picking up a million pounds of trash. Whatever the act may be, Earth Day is a great time to generate as many as possible in your community. Collectively, these acts will not only have an impact on global carbon emissions, but will also demonstrate the power of small every-day individual acts of green.


When organizing and planning your Earth Day event, find a way to incorporate Billion Acts of Green®. This may entail giving people a green act to perform at your event, or getting folks to pledge to an environmental act in the near future. Either way, make sure the acts are registered with the campaign so the millions of individual green efforts can be properly measured.

Let participants know that they are taking part in the world’s largest-ever environmental service movement and that every small act counts.

To register the acts, visit campaign headquarters at, or find Billion Acts of Green® on Facebook or Twitter. The online registration tools are easy to use and only take a minute to complete. With thousands of Earth Day events and a billion participants, this Earth Day we can show the world that every small environmental act makes a difference.