Black-necked cranes arrive in Phobjikha

crane_arriaval_20117 November 2011 – The first group of black-necked cranes (Grus nigricollis) arrived today in Phobjikha. At around 10.AM BST, a group of 4 cranes with two juveniles are the first group  of cranes in Phobjikha this winter. As of today afternoon, the total number of 33 cranes including 5 juveniles. The weather today in Phobjikha was bright and clear sunny day.

Last year, in 2010-2011 winter, the first group of crane arrived on 2 November 2011. A total of 421 cranes spent their winter in Phobikha.

The cranes usually spend over four months in major winter habitats in Bhutan and leave for their summer habitats in Tibet in mid-March.

The RSPN and Phobjikha Environment Management Committee (PEMC) will be observing November 11th as Annual Black-necked Crane Festival to celebrate arrival of the cranes and at the same time to create mass awareness on importance of crane conservation.