Conference on South Asian Parliamentarians and Policymaker’s at Work: Putting Climate Adaptation, Food Security, and Population Dynamics Back in the Agenda

UntitledA three day conference titled “ South Asian Parliamentarians and Policymaker’s at Work: Putting Climate Adaptation, Food Security, Population Dynamics Back in the Agenda” was held in Islamabad from 16 to 18th December 2013.

With climate change as a cross cutting icon, it is pertinent to strengthen national and local actions on climate change and create linkages to form a regional climate change policies through regional cooperation.

Since this process requires a concerted effort of all the key players within the region, these conference sets the platform for Parliamentarians, Policy Makers and Civil Society Organizations to deliberate on the climate change issues with the following objectives:

1. To enhance knowledge and understanding of participants about latest climate science findings in the context of threatening food, water, energy security and population dynamics while promoting biodiversity, eco-system services and sustainable development.

2. To promote collaboration, alliances and improved linkages through exchange of Knowledge, Skills and Resources for strengthening climate resilience and food security across national boundaries within the region.

3. To promote engagement between members of parliament/government representative and civil society in South Asia through joint learning and agenda-setting on issues related to climate change, food security and resilience.

4. To jointly develop an action plan to effectively influence national governments and other key actors in the region by exploring the setting up of a regional advocacy platform for MPs and civil society

The workshop provided opportunities for all the participants to build their capacity on challenges posed by the changing climate through sharing of knowledge, skills and resources across South Asia and come up with distinct policy recommendations for national advocacy plans and actions as a way forward. It also permits a collaborative approach to address climate change issues in the region by strengthening the roles and networking within the Members of Parliament, Policy Makers and Civil Societies.

At the end of the tree day conference, Parliamentarians, Policy Makers and CSOs from the region put together a declaration which expresses their commitment to work towards collaboration on finding solutions to issues faced by the populations of South Asia.

Bhutan was represented at this conference by Members of the Parliament from the National Assembly of Bhutan, National Council of Bhutan along with representative from the Royal Society for Protection of Nature.