Community Planning and Management Workshop (CPMW) on water conducted

The Community Planning and Management Workshop (CPMW) was conducted from 19th of May until 6th June, 2016. It was combination of one-day Gewog meeting and two-day community planning and management.

In the Gewog level meeting, representatives and officials from local government,  health centres, engineers and water caretakers were involved. They were updated on RWSS scheme coverage, functionality, accessibility, safety, operation and maintenance (O&M). It also included O&M training to water caretakers.

Two-day CPMW workshop was attended by a representative from each household by keeping the ideal participant size not exceeding 45 participants. It covered more than 400 community members of Yoeseltse and Phuntshopelri Gewogs. The participants learnt on Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (RWSS).


One of the major achievements of the CPMW workshop was blueprint of “Action Plan” in order to keep communities on track and guide them for the upcoming activities.

The action plan covers commitments made by communities on upcoming RWSS scheme construction. The action plan also ensures communities’ willingness to support during the construction of RWSS schemes based on “what will be done, who will do it, where will it be done and when will it be done”.

These workshops were facilitated by RSPN’s project officer and engineers from Samtse District, who have required expertise on the subject.

The Community Planning and Management Workshop (CPMW) was designed to build commitment within individual users of RWSS schemes to sustain management and effective use. RSPN, with financial support from SDF and technical assistant from engineering cell of Samtse District implemented CPMW as part of “Strengthening water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services in Phuntshopelri and Yoeseltse Gewogs under Samtse District.

RSPN would like to thank Samtse District, Gewog Administrations of Yoeseltse and Phuntshopelri, PHED and individuals who involved in making this workshop successful.

Reported by: Tsheten Dorji, Project Officer, RSPN