CBST Website of Phobjikha Launched

cbst website_launched

As a part of the CBST promotion package, a new website with domain name has been launched. The website provides information about the local tourism services, facilities, programs and the contact information of the local CBST coordinator.

Royal Society for Protection of Nature has been implementing a project on community-based sustainable tourism (CBST) in Phobjikha. The project was designed to bridge the gap of conservation efforts and sustainable livelihood opportunities of local communities through tourism. This project seeks to harness the tourism potential of Phobjikha’s natural and cultural richness for the benefit of local community. The benefits accrued to the local people through this initiative are expected to incentivize community ownership and responsibility for continued preservation of local natural resources of Phobjikha. Further, the growing preference of tourists in nature and community tourism has been encouraging this CBST initiative as a viable option.

The CBST project is being implemented in collaboration with the Japan Environmental Education Forum (JEEF) with fund from the NGO Partnership Program of the JICA Technical Cooperation for Grassroots Project.

A PDF version of the Homestay Operator Manual for Phobjikha is also available for download from the website.

For further information please contact Ms. Tshering Choki  at