CBST Team in Haa to handover the home-stay assessment report

November 23-25, 2016: The Community-based Sustainable Tourism (CBST) Project team from Royal Society of Protection of Nature (RSPN) was in Haa to handover the home-stay assessment report that was assessed in October, 2016. The assessment was done by RSPN in collaboration with a team from Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB).

The team congratulated those approved home-stay owners for successfully fulfilling the home-stay check-list set by TCB. The ones who couldn’t fulfill the criteria was advised on thing they needed to work and improve on based on the assessment report. In both approved and unapproved home-stays, the team observed drastic improvements after the first assessment. A second round of evaluation will be conducted in March.

Beside the aforementioned task, the team also met and offered Khadar to the newly elected local leaders of Kasho, Bjee and Eusu Gewogs.

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