Terms of Reference for Finance Assistant

Position:                    Finance Assistant

Terms of duration:    3 years with extendable

Reporting line:           Finance Officer

Duty station:              Thimphu, Bhutan

I. Primary responsibility:

To assist in providing efficient and accurate financial data, accounting and record keeping of RSPN funds and property in accordance with prescribed regulation and generally acceptable accounting principles and to providing efficient financial /administrative services pertaining to RSPN programmers and activities.

II. Specific duties and responsibilities:

  1. Enforce the Financial rules and regulations and guide his counterparts in the prompt and efficient performance of their task.
  2. Establish that all receipts are accounted for and have been deposited in time.
  3. Prepare and compile monthly financial statement of project fund status.
  4. Verify and process requests for cash advances, reimbursements, and purchase orders.
  5. Prepare financial reports to project managers, donors, RSPN, auditors, partners, etc.
  6. Ensure efficient financial transactions and provide oversight of procurement processes.
  7. Facilitate all necessary organizational financial audits.
  8. Maintain the books of accounts, i.e. ledger, sub-ledger, cash book and all other records as required by the financial rules.
  9. Prepare cheques, drafts and maintain proper records.
  10. Close the cash book on a monthly basis and reconcile the accounts to ascertain the fund balance.
  11. Safe custody of the financial documents and data.
  12. Ensure that all the statutory deductions and other recoveries are effected and remitted to the concerned agencies/beneficiaries within the time frame required by the status in vogue.
  13. Restrict ineligible and inadmissible claims and enforce the financial discipline rigorously.
  14. Verify payments as to the completeness of the claims and in conformity to the rules.
  15. Prepare organization’s payroll, including payment taxes, managing staff bank loans (processed through the office).
  16. Assist to develop budgeting framework and support project development with special emphasis on budgeting.
  17. Any other task assigned from time to time. 
  1. Position:                           Personal Assistant
  2. Terms of duration:          3 years with possibility for extension
  3. Reporting line:                Administration/HR Officer.
  4. Duty station:                    Thimphu, Bhutan
  5. Primary responsibility:    The primary responsibility of the Personal Assistant is to assist in managing the daily work of the Executive Director and make sure it is completed on time. He/she is also required to shoulder additional responsibilities if required.

 6. Specific duties and responsibilities

  1. The role of the personal Assistant is to support the Executive Director in his/her daily administrative, planning and travel related matters.
  2. Coordinating all appointments of the Executive director.
  3. The Personal Assistant must act as the ED’s first point of contact with people from both inside and outside the organization.
  4. Arranging travel, visas and accommodation and occasionally travelling with the Executive Director to take notes or dictation at meetings or to provide general assistance during presentations.
  5. Screening phone calls, enquiries and requests and handling them when appropriate.
  6. Meetings and greetings at all levels of seniority.
  7. Organizing and maintaining diaries and making appointments.
  8. Dealing with incoming email, faxes and post, often corresponding on behalf of the Executive Director.
  9. Taking notes and minutes.
  10. Organizing and attending meetings and ensuring the Executive Director is well prepared for meetings.
  11. Replying to all the correspondence that comes for the Executive Director and on time
  • Fixing all the appointments the ED has to attend throughout the day and making sure that he/she attends them
  • Briefing the ED on the agenda before every meeting
  • Collecting all the reports on behalf of the management
  • Coordinating with the ED with all divisions.
  • Having a daily schedule prepared for the ED before he/she arrives in office
  • Acting as a bridge between management and employees
  • Coordinating with other assistants
  • 7. Knowledge and experience.

    1. Minimum of Class XII with training in Office Management.
    2. Should have experience in relevant field(s).
    3. Preference will be given to candidates who have undergone computer trainings.
    4. Further qualifications are an added advantage 
    For the Assistant Trainers, Awareness Campaign on Safety and Efficient Use of Electricity, Zhemgang District.
    Project Reference: Improving Gender Inclusive Access to Clean and Renewable Energy in Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka, funded by Asian Development Bank.
    Royal Society for Protection of Nature, Kawajangsa, Thimphu


    Minimum Qualification:                  Bachelors Degree in any field.

    Language Proficiency:                   Fluent in Spoken Kheng kha or Bumtap kha and Dzongkha

    Note:                                           Female applicants are encouraged to apply

    Main Task:

    Conduct awareness on safety and efficient use of electricity for 4500 electricity users in Zhemgang district for 50 days (approx.) (this includes 3 days training program). The team will be supervised by a team Leader from RSPN.  The trainers will be trained on electricity safety and efficient use officials from RSPN, Bhutan Power Corporation Limited, Bhutan Electricity Authority.

    Designation:                             Asst. Trainers.

    Term of Engagement:

    Period of Engagement:            Maximum of 50 Days between 1st April to 20th May 2014 (Tentative)(inclusive of training days)

    Training:                                  3 days training on safety and efficient use of electricity/energy in Thimphu


    Per Day Allowance for both field and office: NU. 500 (Ngultrum Five hundred) only.

    50 percent advance will be provided upon submission of request application prior to departure to the field. The final payment shall be made only after the completion of the survey works and as approved by the project manager.

    Application submission:

    Aspiring graduates may submit an application to RSPN, addressed to the Adm/HR Officer, RSPN, Kawajangsa, Thimphu with a CV (maximum 2 pages) with two referees (with phone number). The referees can be teacher, mentor or other person other than your relatives. The application shall be considered complete only if the following documents are enclosed. The selection will be also based on submission of Xerox copy of the following documents.

    1. Application with your motivation.
    2. Degree certificate or mark sheets.
    3. CID or other identification card such as license, college card.
    4. Latest CV reflecting your fluency in Dzongkha/Khengkha or Bumthap Kha or other languages related to Khengkha and work experience if any.
    5. Other merit certificates/recommendation letter if any.

    Application can be submitted to RSPN head office or faxed to RSPN @ 02-323189 . Applicants shall be physically fit and able to walk for long distance on foot in remote parts of Zhemgang. Only shortlisted candidates will be called for interview. Final selected candidates will be informed over telephone. All results will be declared on www.rspnbhutan.org

    Important dates:

    Date of announcement:                           28th February 2014

    Date of Final application submission:     17th March 2014, BST 5 PM

    Date of Short listing:                               18th March 2014.

    Date of Final interview:                          19th March 2014

    Note that these dates are subject to change and RSPN will inform the changes via www.rspnbhutan.org.


    RSPN office location: Kawajangsa, Thimphu next to Royal Audit Authority Building.

    Contact person at RSPN: Mr. Tsheten Dorji @ tdorji@rspnbhutan.org or 17662496 or  02-322056


    Enumerators shall not be entitled to any other benefits apart from the daily allowance. Transportation to the field will be arranged by RSPN and travels to the Gewogs will be coordinated by Team Leader from RSPN. RSPN shall not be liable to bear any unforeseen cost related to the enumerators personal cost including health costs.

    Enumerators shall not be entitled for leave during the period of engagement during the period of engagement (1) the enumerator shall not act as or in any manner represent RSPN in any forum, (2) The enumerator shall not be involved in any official mis-conduct or unacceptable behavior, if so, RSPN shall not bear any responsibility or accept such incidents.

    Prior to the recruitment, the enumerators shall sign a contract agreement adhering to this ToR and by providing the contact details of the guardian or the first person to be contacted at times of emergency.


    Designation: Cleaner

    1. Maintain cleanliness in Office premises.

    a. Sweep and vacuum clean the floors every day.

    b. Clean the tables, window glasses and office furniture fixture.

    c. Mope floors once a week.

    d. Dispose the garbage appropriately in time.

    e. Office toilets should be kept clean at all times.

    f. Dustbins of every chamber are emptied every morning.

    g. Clean the tables of each chamber every day.

    h. Ensure that the kitchen are kept clean at all times and dispose kitchen waste at proper place.

    i. Ensure that the form is duly signed as soon as the task is done.

    j. Submit the form to Adm/Finance Unit for records at the end of every month.

    Designation: Care taker

    1. Ensure the safety and security of the office premises at all times:

    a. Ensure the safety and security of the office building and organizational assets within the office premises during non-working hours, weekends, and holidays by ensuring proper :

    i.  locking of doors and windows

    ii. Switching off electrical lights and appliances after use.

    iii. Drawing of window curtains

    iv. Switching on office verandah and surrounding lights during night and putting off in the morning.

    b. Keep custody of office keys to main entrance , each floor and will be liable for any loss of Organization’s assets during the period of his/her duty.

    c. Ensure gate to office premise remain closed after office hours, holidays and open during working hours.

    d. Keep custody of Office whole day and night during government holidays, weekends and night during working days from 5 p.m to 9 a.m.

    e. Inspect and make sure that the office surroundings are kept clean and no trashes are seen around the Office.

    2. Maintenance f Register:
    Maintain record of staff’s name in the register during non-working hours and holiday. Working days from 9 a.m to 5 p.m.
    3. Flower gardening and cleaning of office surroundings Grass cutting in office surroundings. He is responsible to the Administration/Human Resource Officer Shifting Timing:

    4. Since there is two caretaker the shifting timing is as follows:

    9 am to 5 p.m

    5 p.m to 9 am

    5. Ensure that the caretaker is around office premises at all times.

    Designation: Office Assistant/Helper

    Reporting Line: Adm./Human Resource Officer and Executive Director

    Primary Responsibilities:

    • Attend to incoming telephone calls and direct these calls to the appropriate person with due courtesy and manner.
    • Assist in making outgoing calls when requested by other employees within the organization
    • Provide information when requested by a outside caller
    • Monitor the use of telephone for official or private purposes
    • Respond to any defect of the operating system and ensure timely rectifications.
    • Facilitate telephone connections to all employees within an organization
    • Maintain call register and record basic for facilitating verification of calls for payment purpose.
    • Update extension numbers of the employees and maintain telephone numbers of those employees and organization, who are reasonably important by virtue of their position and functions.

    Assist the office works during the office hours:

    • Provide tea/ coffee or refreshments for guests/ visitors to the Executive Director’s office as appropriate.
    • Perform general office administrative duties as required, including: photocopying, distribute faxes received to staff members, and etc. Distribute office correspondence from reception to every staff members
    • Carry out any other tasks assigned

    Position:  Research Program Coordinator

    I. Contract period: 3 years with possibility for extension (based on performance)

    II. Probation period: 4 months

    III. Reporting line: Program Manager; Executive Director

    IV. Duty station: Thimphu, Bhutan

    V.  Primary responsibility: To develop and coordinate RSPN’s research program in support of RSPN’s goal of enhancing and increasing the knowledge on the Bhutanese environment and sustainable livelihood.

    The need for a full-fledged research program was in principle approved by the board. This approval was further strengthened by RSPN’s third strategic plan which The prioritized research. Till then, research was integrated with communications unit. The overall goal of the research unit is to enhance and increase knowledge on the Bhutanese environment and sustainable livelihoods with the following objectives:

    • To contribute to the environmental and sustainable livelihood knowledge base
    • To strengthen other RSPN programmes by providing research services
    • To support RSPN’s advocacy programmes

    Key responsibilities

    1. Establishment of research unit

    1.1  Develop a research strategy for RSPN that will support environmental conservation, sustainable development, emerging issues and education
    1.2  Develops research guidelines (Procedures, capacity development, cost norms, budgeting, performance incentive)
    1.3  Identify, join, form and operate research consortiums and networks

    2. Fundraising

    2.1  Develop and implement annual research programme targets within the framework of research action plan in collaboration with other RSPN programmes
    2.2  Prepare research proposals for research unit to ensure the sustainability of research unit

    3. Planning

    3.1  Ensure all research projects are planned
    3.2  Develop and submit quarter and annual workplans for research to Program Manager
    3.3  Prepare terms of reference and job descriptions of project staff including consultants, researchers and volunteers in consultation with Finance and Administration Coordinator and Program Manager

    4. Implementation

    4.1  Collaborate with other RSPN programmes to carry out required researches, studies
    4.2  Assist program manager in recruitment of researchers
    4.3  Coordinate capacity building of researchers
    4.4  Monitor and supervise research personnel
    4.5  Ensure delivery of timely and quality research outputs
    4.6  Establish, maintain and update research database

    5. Reporting

    5.1  Prepare periodical research reports
    5.2  Finalize, compile research and study reports for submission to donors and publication
    5.3  Translate research outputs into peer reviewed journal articles, manuscripts and publications.
    5.4  Organize dissemination of research information through public presentations
    5.5  Monitor and evaluate usage of knowledge generated by the research program

    6. Management

    6.1  Identify needs for researchers and develop TORs as and when necessary
    6.2  Supervise and verify against outputs the timesheets and claims of researchers for remuneration/ payments.
    6.3  Verify bills, receipts, vouchers etc related to field expenses.

    Knowledge and experience

    • Hold a minimum Masters degree in environmental science, natural resource management
    • Has at least 5 year experience in research, biodiversity conservation, natural resource management, wildlife, forest
    • Has strong leadership and fund raising capability
    • Exhibit analytical, technical, good writing skills through evidence of publications
    • Possess negotiation, conflict management, and networking
    • Computer skills and Knowledge of relevant software;

    Key performance indicators

    1. Research guidelines
    2. Research strategy
    3. Research consortiums and networks
    4. State of environment report
    5. Periodical research publications, journal articles, grey papers, and reports
    6. Research database

    I. Position:  Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods Program Coordinator

    II. Contract period: 3 years with possibility for extension (based on performance)

    III. Probation period: 4 months

    IV. Reporting line:  Program Manager; Executive Director

    V. Duty station: Thimphu, Bhutan

    VI. Primary responsibility: To coordinate development and implementation of conservation and sustainable livelihoods projects and activities in support of RSPN’s goals and objectives

    VII. Key duties and responsibilities

    1.  Prepare project wise annual targets for projects of the unit
    2. Prepare quarterly workplans for all projects and activities of the unit
    3. Conduct project progress reviews to recommend adjustments and appropriations
    4. Contribute to preparation of RSPN annual calendar
    5. Keep the Program Manager and Executive Director informed and updated on matters relating to unit activities.

    VIII. Specific duties and responsibilities

    1. Planning

    1.1  Gather information from partners, villages/ communities and conduct research to identify areas for RSPN involvement and prioritize them. Prepare annual targets and periodical work plans.
    1.2  Develop concepts/proposals in collaboration with programme manager to secure funding.
    1.3  Contribute to development of RSPN strategic plan
    1.4  Prepare terms of reference and job descriptions of project staff including consultants, researchers and volunteers in consultation with Finance and Administration Coordinator and Program Manager

    2. Project management

    2.1  Develop detailed implementation plans for all new projects pertaining to the unit in collaboration with the Program Manager
    2.2  Coordinate and supervise implementation of programmes and projects pertaining to the unit
    2.3  Supervise and monitor implementation of projects/ programmes to ensure quality and timely delivery of projects/ programme outputs
    2.4  Prepare and update project monitoring plans
    2.5  Ensure that project funds are utilized and accounted for in a manner that is most efficient and acceptable to established financial regulations.

    3. Reporting

    3.1  Prepare and submits timely progress reports, final reports to program manager
    3.2  Prepare ToR and drafts contract agreements for external consultant services.
    3.3  Co-ordinate with other units for necessary support
    3.4  Undertake other duties and responsibilities delegated by program manager and Executive Director

    4. Monitoring and Evaluation

    4.1  Ensure regular monitoring of project activities against workplans.
    4.2  Monitor project activities against objectives and workplans for timely completion
    4.3  Conducts monitoring visits to project areas
    4.4  Collaborate with the Program Division for evaluation of the projects.
    4.5  Assess achievement of annual targets of project/ field personnel
    4.6  Guide project staff in implementation of project activities

    5. Networking and Partnership Building 

    5.1   Identify and propose capacity needs of staff.
    5.2  Maintain relations with project donors, partners and  community  and keep records of their contact details
    5.3  Facilitate participation of donors, partners, and stakeholders in regular project activities and meetings.

    6. Management

    6.1  Ensure compliance of program/ projects to agreements, MOUs and regulations
    6.2  Supervise, guide and administer project and field staff of the unit
    6.3  Conduct review and annual appraisal of performance of unit staff and apprise recommendations to the program manager.
    6.4  Management of field offices including proper maintenance of inventory of property
    6.5  Verify timesheets and claims against outputs of staff for payments.
    6.6  Verify bills, receipts, vouchers etc related to field expenses.
    7. Perform other duties as may be required  

    Knowledge and experience

    • Hold a minimum Masters degree or equivalent in environmental science, natural resource management
    • Has at least 5 year experience in research, biodiversity conservation, natural resource management, wildlife, forest
    • Has strong leadership and fund raising capability
    • Good writing skills
    • Possess negotiation, conflict management, and networking capabilities
    • Computer skills

    Key performance indicators

    1. Records of annual program targets and workplans
    2. Consolidated quarterly and annual programme reports prepared and submitted.
    3. Number of project concepts and proposals prepared
    4. Record of project reports
    5. Project evaluation reports
    6. Minutes of stakeholder coordination meetings