Capacity building workshop for Teachers and Assistant Dzongkhag Education Officers

Participants of the Training

RSPN has been striving hard to impart environmental education among the Bhutanese youth and raise environmental awareness of the citizen for promoting positive attitudes and sustainable actions in conserving Bhutan’s rich environmental heritage. Making people to understand more about the environment and its issues and teaching them how to resolve the issues in the best possible ways was one of the priority programs of RSPN.

Training in Session

Considering the need of building the capacity of teachers to manage conservation activities in schools, over the years, RSPN provided training for more than 3500 teachers from across the country. These teachers have been very instrumental in schools for the promotion of environmental activities in the school and the community around.

In 2010 the training workshop was conducted at Mongar Lower Secondary School from 24 to 28 January in close consultation with Ministry of Education. 26 teachers and 5 Assistant District Education Officers (ADEOs) from six eastern Dzongkhags participated in the training workshop. 

The training workshop emphasized on the learning about the environment and understanding more about their local environment and its issues. The participants were provided with hands on exercises to manage nature club activities in schools and how to resolve local environmental issues. The role of ADEOs in order to support schools to successfully carry out nature club activities was also adequately discussed.

The participants expressed that such workshop was very useful and relevant for teachers to learn more about environment and share experiences among teachers for successful learning.