Black-necked Cranes in Khaybar (Rinchengang), Trashi Yangtse.

bnc tyangtse_jan2014_crane25 January, 2014: 37 Black-necked Cranes (Grus nigricollis) were counted at Khayber (Rinchengang), Bayling (Below the Pear Tree, Lithongshing), Trashiyangtse . Between 08.18 am to 08.27 am about 37 BNCs were seen feeding in the dry paddies feeding on the grain droppings. This area is a popular non-roosting feeding area for the BNCs in Trashiyangtse. The BNCs usually come to this area at 5 am from roosting areas in Bumdeling.

bnc tyangtse_jan2014
Picture: Photo Spot: Khayber (Rinchengang), Bayling (Shown here Pear Tree, Lithongshing), Trashiyangtse. Latitude:  27°37’6.00″N, Longitude: 91°29’50.84″E.  (Source: Google Earth)
bnc tyangtse_jan2014_crane_2

As per the Annual BNC count for 2014, Bumdeling saw about 112 BNCs with 19 juveniles. For the country as a whole, 550 BNCs were counted with 63 juveniles.


bnc tyangtse_jan2014_crane_3
Cow Shed below Lithong shing or Pear tree. Latitude: 27°37’6.00″N, Longitude: 91°29’50.84″E. 
(Source: Google Earth)



Report and picture by Tshering Phuntsho, RSPN