Black-necked Cranes in Bayling, Trashiyangtse

cranes bayling 201209 January 2012: Khabertse, Letogshing –More than 45 black-necked Cranes were seen feeding in wetland paddy field in the morning of 09.01.2012 at lower Bayling in Trashiyangtse. This area is a popular non-roosting feeding area for the BNCs in Trashiyangtse.



letogshing yangtseNgawang Tshering, a 53 year old native farmer owns this more than three acres of terraced paddy field on a gentle slope facing south at lower Bayling in Trashiyangtse. His paddy field Litoshing (located aboved the Trashiyangtse Dzong-named after the pear tree grown right at the centre of the field- picture) at Khebertse is a very popular spot for the Black-necked Cranes to feed around. The cranes come all the way from north (Bumdeling). According to Mr. Ngawang, usually the cranes come at around 06:00AM and leave the field at around 05:00PM on a regular basis. He proudly says that the BNCs “dances” at times and makes majestic calls.



  Reports and pictures by Tshering Phuntsho, RSPN