BirdLife International team visits RSPN

The Birdlife International team represented by Dr. Hum Bahadur Gurung, Network and Partner Development Manager and Dr. Raju Motiram Kasambe, Vice-Chairman of BirdLife Asia, were here in Bhutan for a week long visit in connection to RSPN’s proposal for Birdlife partnership. As a part of the process, the Birdlife International team carried out out assessment of RSPN’s institutional and program areas.
The assessment  included consultation meeting with RSPN staff, members of board and partners of RSPN. This was followed by a field visit to Phobjikha and Burichhu to get an insight of RSPN programmes and activities in the field.

Should the partnership materialize, RSPN hopes to enhance its efforts in  avifauna conservation and important bird areas. BirdLife’s international experience and vast network of partners would be valuable in building knowledge base, resource  mobilization and strengthening the current efforts of RSPN in White-bellied Heron and Black-necked Crane conservation.

BirdLife International is the world’s largest nature conservation Partnership. It has currently 119 BirdLife partners worldwide with more than 13 million members and supporters. Besides avifauna, Birdlife also engages in programmes that responds to issues specific to a region, covering aspects like local engagement and empowerment, climate change, invasive alien species, capacity development and so forth.

The representatives will submit their assessment findings of RSPN to the World BirdLife Council to be held around November, 2016.