Annual Black-necked Crane Count for Bhutan

Annual Black-necked Crane Count for Bhutan The Royal Society for Protection of Nature is pleased to inform that the annual Black-necked Crane (BNC) count for Bhutan (in all BNC habitat) will be conducted on 17th of January 2014. The coordinated count will start at 0600 hours. The BNC count will be conducted jointly by stakeholders across the country. Our stakeholders include Bomdiling Range Office and Bomdiling Wildlife Sanctuary in Trashiyangtse, Chumey Range Office and Wangchuck Centennial Park in Bumthang, Khotokha Range Office, Phobjikha Beat Office, Aman Gangtey in Phobjikha. The annual count is being conducted to keep record of the official count of the BNCs wintering in Bhutan. Last year the Annual BNC count was conducted on 28th January and the national count recorded 447 BNCs with 368 BNCs in Phobjikha, 107 BNCs in Bumdeling, 7 BNCs in Khotokha and 5 BNCs in Bumthang. Interested volunteers are invited to participate in this count in their local habitats. Please contact RSPN officials at 77408693 or 17410213 for registration or inquiry.